June 20th 2006

Lead generation for the Complex Sale. Brian J. Carroll

Lead generation for the Complex Sale. Brian J. Carroll. 2006. ISBN
Thorough, well structured and totally usable. This book did not exist a
year ago when we started developing our integrated sales and marketing program. What we have learned shows that Carroll is on the right track.

He shows you how to develop a lead generation plus a lead nurturing program that together will help capture the over 80% of your leads that do not get followed-up or turned into true sales prospects. Yet disregarded leads can comprise upwards of 80% of missed sales.

Following his path while really integrating marketing and sales will generate
better qualified leads, higher close ratios, stronger sales pipeline and
shorter than average sales cycles. Definitely a book to own and read many times. Get one each for the marketing and sales managers.

Check out his ideas on lead generation activities.


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  1. Hey Reg,

    Great recommendation. For companies that are ramping up Chapter 6 will show them the pieces of a working lead gen plan.


    D Feldhaus said on 28 Jul 2010 at 11:24 am #

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