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The Tiger Woods Way, by John Andrisan.

The Tiger Woods Way, by John Andrisan, ISBN 060960094X. So every now and then I attempt to have a non work life and golf was supposed to be “it”. However, inner peace has eluded me , despite expending a fortune in lessons,equipment and games. But last week I finally had some fun in golf, when I started to use ideas from this book. Andrisan interviews Woods and his coach, analyzes and breaks down Woods game and points out the parallels found in the games of several other pros (Snead, Nicklaus, Hogan and many more) In the interviews we find how Woods has intensely studied video and books of and by other famous golfers. Woods has taken techniques from many, many pros and by doing so extended the game. Using physics, this stuff really makes sense of why Woods can hit so far, so well, so consistently, with so little effort. Emotionally you will be validated in “breaking some rules”. First blush, you should be able to hit straighter and longer, with much, much less effort. A brief digression, I will try not to let this happen too often.