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The Trusted Advisor. David Maister

The Trusted Advisor. David Maister, Charles Green & Robert Galford ISBN:074320414X
David Maister ( Managing the Professional Services Firm) is the guru of the high value consulting market.
With his fellow Harvard Business Review colleagues, David has written the book on trust and how it impacts service companies. He has laid out a five step process in building trust ( Engage, Listen, Frame, Envision and Commit ) and placed it in a context of the high margin repeatable business we all strive for. Readable, immediately useful, this is one for your permanent library.

Aligning the Stars. Jay W Lorsch & Thomas J. Tierney

Aligning the Stars. Jay W Lorsch & Thomas J. Tierney. ISBN: 1578515130. 2002.

(From the website) “Every company relies on talent to succeed, but none so much as professional service firms. Within this rapidly expanding, trillion-dollar sector, people are more than “valuable assets;” they are the source of competitive advantage. Indeed, success is determined more by the people these firms pay than by the people who pay them. What separates the best professional firms from their less-successful competitors? And what lessons do their experiences hold for other talent-driven businesses? This book argues that strategic success is achieved by building an organization of executive-level stars whose day-to-day performance reinforces and ultimately achieves the goals of the business. Outstanding firms align stars across business lines, geographies, and even generations.”

This is a good companion to the Maister books. You may want to get one for your company and keep it for the leaders. I found it gave a very good view point of finding, keeping and growing stars from a leaders viewpoint. Also some of the insights into Bain and Co were useful.