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Getting It Right The First Time. John Katsaros and Peter Christy

Getting It Right The First Time. How Innovative Companies Anticipate
Demand. John Katsaros and Peter Christy. 2005. ISBN 0275984796.
I really wish I had written this book as it promises to be an instant
classic on strategic marketing to new markets. The authors are exactly
on the money wrto how the process must be followed to be successful.
They have boiled this down to the simplest and clearest articulation I
have seen yet. Best marketing book of the summer for sure. Get it for
your library, read it and do not let it out of your sight. Easy read
but that does not reduce its value at all. You will howl at their
descriptions of some entrepreneur/marketing attitudes characterized as
“drowners” – jump in and learn to swim, “engineer turned marketer” –
trial and error works for code, and venture investors – don’t devalue
the size of the opportunity with too much truth please!