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Family , Kids and Money. Kevin O’Leary

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Family , Kids and Money. Kevin O’Leary. 2013. ISBN 9780385682404. Sort of the The Wealthy Barber meets The Dragon.  The advice is good, timeless and useful for today.  The thesis is that you are working and growing your wealth in order to create a legacy for future generations.  Quite the idea and one that many might find old fashioned. I found it to be relevant advice and if you follow it – you will be in better financial shape than if you did not. Having a financial plan gives you permission to succeed.   We all need a plan.

Game the Plan. Every sales rep’d dream Every CFOs nightmare. Christopher Cabrera.

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Game the Plan. Every sales rep’s  dream Every CFO’s nightmare. Christopher Cabrera. 2014. ISBN 9781938416545.   What a good book.  Sales reps everywhere will recognize their games and plays that they used to max their commissions.  The stories are great, and the lessons are better. Chris accepts that the games will continue and he lays out plans such that the company goals align with the reps goals. His insights into multi generational sales teams are bang on.  I can see years of poorly performing sales leaders  with inappropriate decisions being recognized in this book.  Absolute necessity for all sales leaders  to buy and read this book.   ~ 180 pp – you can read it on a regional flight – the first time but you will want to  go back to it.

Million Dollar Launch. How to kickstart a successful consulting practice in 90 days.Alan Weiss.

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Million Dollar Launch. How to kick start a successful consulting practice in 90 days.Alan Weiss. 2014. ISBN 9780071826341,. Years ago Alan wrote Million Dollar Consulting , which along with David Maister‘s books really helped me in launching our consulting practise.   This book is the result of years of consulting and seminars after the success of his first book. I found it delightful as always and chock full of pragmatic immediately useful advice. Even though I had reread Million Dollar Consulting 4th edition in 2009,  this book gave me a few more ideas in going forward.  If you are self- employed – this book is required reading.

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The Magic Question. A simple question every leader dreams of answering. David Cottrell.

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The Magic Question. A simple question every leader dreams of answering. David Cottrell.2013. ISBN 9780071806169.

Six questions.

  1. What is really important?
  2. How am I doing?
  3. How is our team doing?
  4. Do you care?
  5. What difference do we make?
  6. Are you worth following?

Seems simple enough – but as you read through this book, few are doing this.

The idea of this book seems weak until you realize that only 5% of our population reads a book a month.

Add the challenges that Millennials seem to give to older managers and this book makes more sense.

Is it worth $22? Hard to say – and it  will last about an hours flight. Could be awake up call for some.


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Money. The unauthorized biography. Felix Martin

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Money. The unauthorized biography. Felix Marti. 2014. ISBN 978030796243. This was a fascinating book that slowly drew me in as the author ( economist, columnist , academic) developed his theme.  Like the book on Debt,  the author has a particular economic POV , yet my own readings after the 2008 collapse seem to support his thoughts .  You will trace money/currency from the earliest times ( the stories are fascinating)  right up to present day and its dependence on credit, trust and credibility. . He does make sense out of why economists missed the collapse of banking/credit etc.  You will learn how the credit support of national government was needed to prop things up , that as it stands the govt is still taking all the risk and none of the upside – leaving the financial industry able to make bets and only have an upside , no downside. He gives  ideas from history that show how we can improve the system in each nation state and internationally, with the goal of a stable prosperous economy with benefits for all.  I suggest that this is an important book for all of us and worth the early trudging to get to the final chapters. I especially appreciated his wrap up chapter where he did a great job in boiling this into some very simple ideas.  The language is easy to read, but you can not hurry through this book.

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Absolute Value. What really influences customers in the age of nearly perfect information. Itamar Simonson & Emanuel Rosen.


Absolute Value. What really influences customers in the age of nearly perfect information. Itamar Simonson & Emanuel Rosen.2014. ISBN 9780062215673.  A very important book for sales and marketing.  What the authors  are finding in the B2C world will find its way certainly to the B2B world.  The idea is a  pure economic decision is  made with all the needed information and logic rules.  In the absence of all the  information, buyers turn to whatever is available  and often emotion rules- including the impact of  marketing. The authors suggest that in the B2C world, decisions are being made with immediate information from online etc ( reviews, reports, and independent analysis sites) and this the impact=t of old school marketing is less and less.  This often overrides the persons starting preferences and dramatically reduces the impact of some marketing.  If you are in marketing and sales you must read this book and take it to heartt.  we are all B2C consumers and this is impacting us today. And it is a good thing for the buyer and hell on the seller.  I could not put the book down – a very readable style.

An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth. Chris Hadfield.

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An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth. Chris Hadfield. 2013. ISBN 9780345812728.   This was a sympathy buy for me. I admired the style of Hatfield that I just had to buy the book.   It is what I call  Boy Scout book – do your best to do good. Lots of simple realistic advice from someone you would like to have as a neighbor, or you meet him at Tim Horton’s every week for coffee.   He is a Canadian hero and buying this book and giving it to a twelve year old would be a good thing to do. Easy read and it would be fun on a four hour plane ride – and its not a waste of time.