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Younger Next Year. Crowley & Lodge

Younger Next Year. Crowley & Lodge. 2004. ISBN 10-0-7611-3423-9. A
Guide to Living Like 50 Until You are 80 and Beyond. Thanks to Vince
Schiralli for pointing this book out to me. Not a business book, but
definitely a life book. So completely different from Ray Kurzweils
Fantastic Voyage, yet the story is similar, we know something about
aging and there is something to be done about it. The prescription is
quite simple, plain as day, yet its not really easy. You have to do it.
Interesting, useful with some good resources pointed to. Check out
youngernext Worthwhile reading.

Lead generation for the Complex Sale. Brian J. Carroll

Lead generation for the Complex Sale. Brian J. Carroll. 2006. ISBN
Thorough, well structured and totally usable. This book did not exist a
year ago when we started developing our integrated sales and marketing program. What we have learned shows that Carroll is on the right track.

He shows you how to develop a lead generation plus a lead nurturing program that together will help capture the over 80% of your leads that do not get followed-up or turned into true sales prospects. Yet disregarded leads can comprise upwards of 80% of missed sales.

Following his path while really integrating marketing and sales will generate
better qualified leads, higher close ratios, stronger sales pipeline and
shorter than average sales cycles. Definitely a book to own and read many times. Get one each for the marketing and sales managers.

Check out his ideas on lead generation activities.


Persuasive Business Proposals. Tom Sant.

Persuasive Business Proposals. Tom Sant. 2004. ISBN 0814471536. Writing
to win more customers, clients and contracts. T. Sant has been
around for quite some time and publishes a good newsletter, website,
blog and software tool to aid in writing proposals. This book has
something for all of us in the business and I recommend it as one of
your valuable and well thumbed library resources. Even if you never
respond to an RFP this proposal checklist and methods of approach are
priceless. He is a good writer and his short but concise chapters on
clear writing are among the best I have read.
Here is an interview
and his website :

Blueprint to a Billion. David G. Thomson

Blueprint to a Billion. David G. Thomson. 2006. ISBN 0471747475. 7
Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth. See for a list of the companies this author
tracked. If you are looking for what blue-chip US cos. to invest in this
is a great list. As industry leaders there is a lot for us to learn
from in this clear, concise book. It will inspire you and cause you some
chagrin. But it is a very useful one for your library.