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Beyond the Sales Process. 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer- Driven World. Stve Anderson & Dave Stein

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Beyond the Sales Process. 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer- Driven World.  Steve Anderson & Dave Stein.  2016.   ISBn 081443715X.  Another excellent Amacom  sales book. This book continues the current thoughts on selling value for high performance sales. Anyone from the field will recognize that this is just a much better way of doing things.   These authors show you how to spend the time in Discovery, Diagnosis, Design and Deliver they then go on to help you execute and sell the follow on value.  They have 12 Strategies on how to make this work.  I appreciate the practical and achievable steps they point out.  So once you finish Mastering  the Complex Sale – this is the next book to cement and extend your learning.  Essential for all top performers and Sales Managers.

30-Second Quantum Theory. The 50 most important thought provoking quantum concepts. Brian Clegg ed.

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30-Second Quantum Theory. The 50 most  important thought provoking quantum concepts. Brian Clegg ed.2014. ISBN 9781552679050. I was lent this by a friend, Brian,  and  I am so glad he did. It takes the Brits to be able to clearly write about what could be a complex subject(s).   I tried reading it each evening, with some success  but found that it truly hung together if I just sat down one Saturday and read it front to back.  My engineering school  during the late ’60s and early 70s gave me  an “education” on these topics, but I did not really “learn it” .  The strength of this book is to give you just enough glossary to understand a section (There are 7 sections) . to lay out each building block of theory in a section and if there is areal world example – quickly show you.  The final sections really flow as more and more applications come forward.  These reinforce what up to then seemed just theories into real products we use every day.  As an aside The Nazi persecution of Jewish scientists worked to their fleeing to the US , which gave their physics program such a boost.  But, the xenophobia of the MacCarthy era in the US drove much of the talent elsewhere away from the US.   Its a lesson we should learn from.

Damned Nations. Greed, guns, armies & aid. Samantha Nutt. MD.

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Damned Nations. Greed, guns, armies & aid. Samantha Nutt. MD.  2011. ISBN 9780771051470. One of the most concise and clear writing I have read on the sheet lunacy of many aid programs in the world.  The author has worked in most of the war torn places you can think of.  Of course we expected the celebrity programs to be a waste, but the author details the wasteful business of large aid groups, and how much of the funding is not dispersed . She also points out how having the military associated with aid only brings about even more waste, bureaucracy, disconnect with the locals and increase the risk to NGOs. You clearly find out the disconnect between what First world governments say they want to do and what the countries really need.  She holds out hope for those organizations which are there for the long term and work at the grassroots to improve the citizens lot.  This is another voice explaining the benefits of educating girls and the impact on village life. You will be aghast at the rapaciousness of many of African leaders as well as the dangers posed by child soldiers who become detached from reality.  I guarantee you will not want to put this book down.  Canada does not come out that well in this boo, from our govt to our large investment funds ( Teachers and Union funds)  who invest in large arms dealers.

Mastering the Complex Sale, Exceptional Selling , The Prime Solution , by Jeff Thull.



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Mastering the Complex Sale, Exceptional Selling , The Prime Solution , by Jeff Thull.  2010,  2006,  2005.  This set of books which detail the Complex Sale process from the point of view of  delivering value are easily the most completely thought out approach I have read to date on selling value.


Thull starts with a a simple idea, that sellers /solutions need to tie their offer into solving valuable real measurable business problems , from the customers point of view to enable real measurable value outcomes .  Like any simple idea, the details of delivery have far reaching impacts on sellers and customers.  He has many phrases which stick with you,  like always going for the no,  spectacular success comes from unspectacular  preparation,  no problem/pain no sale,  no surprises, the salesperson is like a doctor.


Thulls four separate steps are


  1. Discovery
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Design
  4. Deliver


But the devil is  in the details.   Thull provides the details needed tofill in this framework.   This approach has the potential to set any seller far away from the pack of competitors as well as making  customer relationships very competitor proof.   Of any approach, this one truly recognizes the uniqueness of very customer and how to ensure the customer gets that value as well as recognizes it. This is a  transformative process not only for the customer but the sellers organization as well.   A must have for if you are the complex sales marketplace.