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John Rain Series . Barry Eisler

John Rain Series . Barry Eisler.  A series following the exploits of John Rain a Japanese-American living mostly in Japan ( Tokyo) . He is a US special forces, SOG type who was in Vietnam at 17 and went from there.  He becomes a gifted judoka and assassin , specializing in making death look natural.  He has his share of romantic episodes and through the series picks up a few associates/friends who come in and out of the stories.  A jazz and scotch lover the hero gives quite good descriptions of good bars and coffee shops in the carious cities he finds himself. Underlying the books are two themes, the chronic corruption of the Japanese govt/yakuza and the over reach of US surveillance power – NSA and CIA (which comes as results of the US being run by big business interests/corrupt politicians).  The author has a deeper vocabulary than most of these types of books and he allows the heroes some deep emotional entanglements and  times of mental angst. The pace moves well and they last about four hours.