October 8th 2012

smart thinking. Three essential keys to solve problems, innovate, and get things done. Art Markman.

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smart thinking. Three essential keys to solve problems, innovate,  and get things done. Art Markman.  2012. ISBN 9780399537226.

Science that’s state of the art that you can use.  A very useful book for leaders, sales managers, sales pros,  trainers, educators and parents.   The writing is crisp, clear and cogent.   He shows you how to acquire smart habits, acquire high quality knowledge and then apply it.  A few quotes , where he uses his idea of 3’s effectively.

Effective learning requires that you process deeply, explain things to yourself and be active in your pursuit of knowledge

In reviewing research, describe the processes used, the important pattern of data and the theory/theories supported.

In problem solving, find one or more ways to classify the essence of the problem, eg list sof proverbs, story titles or jokes.

A good implementation  intention, describes the actions needed to carry out a plan, it describes when and where these actions will be carried out and it grapples realistically with the obstacles that may arise in carrying out the plan.

This is a great book that will gently stretch your mental capabilities . Good for a cross country flight. I read it in two sittings.

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