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Social Intelligence. The new science of social relations. Daniel Goleman

Social Intelligence. The new science of social relations. Daniel Goleman. 2006. ISBN-10 0-553-80352-2. I like it when a science writer (NYTimes) is also a smart scientist. This was a surprisingly good read considering I never did finish his Emotional Intelligence book. The core thesis is that social intelligence was developed as humans lived in social groups and it allowed us to identify leaders etc and live together. In our brains there are apparently two routes that this follows , the very fast reactive, (gut instinct) low route and the slower analytical higher route. Since I have at times been accused of diminished social intelligence, I had probably had lots of room to grow in this direction. He covers development stages from post natal through to adulthood, fascinating stuff as I recognized behaviors that my children had exhibited in the fist few months of life. He shows applicability of the research in schools, healthcare , politics and the work force. This is also a personal lifestyle book with lots of applicability to HR departments and leadership. Its a good size, 334 pp, very readable and it flows well. I recommend it