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Your management sucks. Mark Stevens

Your management sucks. Mark Stevens. 2006. ISBN 1400054931. The author of Your marketing sucks is back with a lambaste to management worldwide. He must have been inside most of the Boardrooms I have presented in over the last ten years, ’cause he really knows what goes on. But he knows how to fix these companies! Canadian CEOs should all read this book and take the words to heart. (By the way he has advised Intrawest for many years). In our practise we are willing to lose clients if they are unwilling or unable to face the truths we bring them. Stevens does more than give business the truth, he slings it. If you chose to read this book, be prepared to be energized, uprooted and challenged at every turn. It will not be business as usual at the old taco stand in the AM. I am 100% behind him that consensus building, balance and “quality time” can rip the stuffing out of a company’s competitive edge. I see a growing erosion of company productivity everywhere I look. We have seen the competition in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, they play to win and we are the enemy. Business is not kindergarten. There is no free pass for the mediocre CEO any more. If you are not growing more than anyone else in your segment, you are in trouble! Get this book, read it, (it does not take long) and change!