June 11th 2007

How to destroy a competitors business model. Web 2.0 style. in seven parts

Setting up the series

I am working undercover these days with a company that since launching last October, now seriously threatens the business model of their competitors. As an example, one competitor is a top player and highly profitable in their space which is a subscription based traditional technology website, I will call this player, Old School (Old). My client is a free site, all advertising based, built with Web 2.0 plus technology and attitudes, I will call them New School (NS). Today, NS now provides more services, in more languages, to a faster growing audience than Old.

A simple example. Old has not changed their website in 8 years and has taken 1 year to implement a new mobile feature. NS changes their “skin” every three months and implemented a mobile solution in 8 days. So how does NS do it? In this series I will give you seven core themes that drive the team at NS. One final bit, the team at NS are very seasoned web veterans coming out of other successful ventures, so these themes come from lessons learned and applied.

The series titles will be

  1. Don’t Spin Your Own Fan
  2. Great Development
  3. Strong Infrastructure & Design
  4. Small is Best
  5. The Gold is in the Rest of the World
  6. Company purpose is Community Purpose
  7. Valuation Depends on What You’re Buying

I hope you enjoy this. I know I am having a ball.

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