July 18th 2005

The Dollarization Discipline. Jeffrey Fox

The Dollarization Discipline. Jeffrey Fox. 2004. ISBN 0471659509. I
finally got to this one. Author of How to Become a Rainmaker , itself a
classic, Fox has articulated the basics of relating the product benefits
to real dollar values for clients. This method is very valuable at
setting pricing, bringing customer value to the light, holding back
price cutters, retaining margins and customers as well as obtaining
mainstream customers. Methods include what I call the PeopleSoft sell,
ROI sell, value sell,and many others. It covers products and services.
This is a sales tool that your marketing department will also find very
valuable, in fact you will need their help to build this. One more step
in building up the science of sales and marketing. IN running the
present market readiness program ( go2 market strategies) we found a few
holes in the sales documentation area, this being one of them. If you
need to be concerned about revenue, this is a book for your library.
Easy read, easy to understand, not trivial to do well. Enjoy. free
treat for you – Short segments from Seth Godins Free Prize inside.

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