December 2nd 2017

The Plant Paradox. The hidden dangers in “healthy” foods that cause disease and weight gain. Steven R. Gundry.

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The Plant Paradox. The hidden dangers in “healthy” foods that cause disease and weight gain. Steven R. Gundry. 2017. ISBN 9780062427144.  Its fifteen years since Dr Gundry wrote  THe Diet Revolution. He has seen way more patients and tested more combinations and compiled more research.  The result is a simplified approach to a life style than The Diet Revolution and a tighter list of foods you should say no to.

He is now  saying that a smart way to have a long and satisfying life is to reduce your daily meat protein intake , using wild seafood , not the other meats.  This is due to the commercialization of the domestic food supply and present  industry methods.  These methods are not followed in Europe so the food supply is better for you there.  He also gives guidance on a healthy plant protein based  food supply , with some plants strongly not recommended.   He now also makes a logical argument  about the benefits of regular fasting to our well being.   Of interest was to read more information on why the healthy gut approach works. which fits in with reading I did last year

I  have been following his guidance for two weeks now. I have had slow steady weight loss, with some increase to my energy levels. I have been reducing my red meat consumption and increasing my plant ( salad)  consumption. I find that this happens with no increased  appetite/ hunger pangs except for an increased desire for even more salads.  I also have been able to isolate the foods that have not been helping me keep to a proper weight.  The program is quite easy and fits in with the generally better food and habits that we have in Canada.  In his book the author needs to be a bit more bombastic as his target is too often some really ill, poorly fed US folks.  I recommend this book as a good idea if you are looking for a health lifestyle change , especially if you are prediabetic or facing other chronic issues, including cancer.

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