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Jonas Jonasson. The Hundred Year old man (2) and the girl who saved the kind g of Sweden

The 100 year old man and further adventure s of the 100 year man. Two hilarious satirical books covering WW1 through to present day from the viewpoint of an adventuring Swede. The hero, Adam Ericcson, meets many notable, famous people during his life and even after he turns 100. It’s pure Swedish humour as well that pokes most puffed up people in the eye.
The girl who saved the king of Sweden.  Continued satire starting in South Africa during apartheid. The heroine is a smart, uneducated black girl who surmounts numerous odds and ends up with a crazy group in Sweden. All bets are off!

Robin. Dave Itzkoff.

Robin. Dave Itzkoff. 2018. ISBN 9781627794244.  A detailed and fond look at the life of Robin Williams.   Reading this book feels like a page by page preview to tragedy. It is a heartfelt autobiography that allows us to revel in the many favorite Robin Williams moment.  The author has tried to be objective and truthful in all his work.   Clearly and concisely written it is worth the time to learn more about this wonderful comic.

Donald J Trump. A president like no other. Conrad Black.

Donald J Trump. A president like no other. Conrad Black. 2018. ISBN 9781621577881.  Well Black does take on unpopular biographies ( Nixon and now Trump).  He is always well spoken, careful and detailed in his language.  By following a chronological method – from Trump  ancestors roots and his own personal and business development, Black does put Trump into a context.   The strongest section for me was the detailing of how Trump was able to recognize a deep seated unhappiness in the populous and harness it into a steady base and build a swelling momentum prior to and during the race for the Presidency.  Black was one of the first to recognize this coming of the demagogue and was not surprised with the result.   With this chronology approach you can see how very long Trump has developed the attitudes he has and espouses.  Also you  are led to recognize the failures of the prior four presidents and their entourages which opened the door for  Trump coming on the scene.  Black has no time for the Democrats nor a do nothing partisan Senate and Congress.  He is acerbic toward the national press and  Washington commentators- so color Black well within Trump’s Republican/conservative aura.

This book will not make you like Trump any more then before and you will still cringe at his looseness with language and malapropisms.  However Black may let you be a little less terrified of Trump daily and perhaps recognize his negotiation tricks learned in New York and now being attempted internationally.  The book moves quite well , will occupy the East – West airflight and halfway back. Reading it is not time wasted.

The Ten, Make That Nine Habits of Very Organized People, Make That Ten. The Tweets of Steve Martin. Steve MArtin

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The Ten, Make That Nine Habits of Very Organized People, Make That Ten. The Tweets of Steve Martin. Steve Martin. 2014. Short hilarious book by what turns out to be a pretty smart guy.  You will read it in no time , but laugh for a long time.


I Suck at Girls Jason Halpen.

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I Suck at Girls Jason Halpen. 2014.  This is the author who leveraged a twitter feed of “stuff my Dad says” into a book and a brief TV series. Tthis book is the basis of a new series , “Surviving Jack” and it is an amusing tale of a young mans “growing up” under the “help” of a father with his own type of tough love. A quick read,  it has some funny moments and amusing twists.

Without Their Permission. How the 21st Century will be Made, Not Managed. Alexis Ohanian. 2013


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Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed.Ohanian, Alexis. . Grand Central Publishing. Kindle Edition. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4555-2003-9.  The co founder of Reddit , then Hipmunk and now Breadpig, the author is a self taught coder , entrepreneur and Angel investor. He is also a strong supporter of the Free Internet and participated in the anti SOPA activities in the US.  An uplifting book as it really pushes today’s youth to get out there and just do it. His musings on what could happen to freedom of speech and the Internet is worth the price of the book.

The Iran Threat. President Ahmadinejad and the coming nuclear crisis. Alireza Jafarzadeh.

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The Iran Threat. President Ahmadinejad and the coming nuclear crisis. Alireza Jafarzadeh.2007. ISBN 9781403976642.  This book will not let you rest easy at night. Its from a one time insider in Iran who is now a respected Iran watcher in the US.  He lays out how the early lectures by Khomeni forecast what would happen after the fall of the Shah.  The “pious old man” hijacked a country that was on its way to a more democratic state and over the years created this fanatical fundamentalist religious oil fueled infrastructure that has no compunction at sending nuclear bombs to Israel. the US and other non Islamic countries. The president si just another crazy radical under the thumb of the mullahs and their pursuits.  The goals have always been to upset the Middle East structure – building Hezbollah to disrupt Lebanon,  sweep into Iraq after the US removed Saddam, support Al Qa’ eda where ever, disrupt Afghanistan and Pakistan wit IEDs and suicide bombers,  assassinate foes/leaders  anywhere in these states and elsewhere, rig elections, restrict all rights,  the list goes on.  Various Western govts have tried to appease the mullahs – which is taken as a sign of weakness. They relentlessly press on to have weapons to unleash on any and all. There is no western logic, humanity or really much Islam in their thinking. So today we are in a world that has fewer dollars to wage wars, weak Western leaders and another rogue state, Iran which treats its population as badly as North Korea does. All bets are off and the sooner the west has a way to harness the Iranian peoples opposition to their yoke, the better. The author gives solid examples of what to do. However in vain attempts to appease the Iranian leaders, the West usually does the opposite of what is needed. This is a country that lies about everything.

Welcome to the Company( or What it’s Really Like Working Here) Eileen McVety

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Welcome to the Company  (or What it’s Really Like Working Here) Eileen McVety . 2009. ISBN 9781592993956. This littel book is hilarious. I think we have all worked at one time for this dysfunctional company  This tongue in cheek employee handbook will have you wishing that more people saw themselves as others see you.  Lots to learn here for the young and old CEO, as long as you ddo not take yourself too seriously. I laughed , a lot.

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Salt. A world history. Mark Kurlanski

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Salt. A world history. Mark Kurlanski.2002. ISBN 0142001619. I wish they had taught history this way when I was chained to my high school seat. Instead of itching to get at math, i would have paid attention. The author (who has a delightful easy to read writing style) cut his teeth writing about the Basques and also cod. This one is a real keeper. Yes it has some recipes (very old) and lots of geography covered (since everyone needs/uses salt). But the interlinking between the rise and fall of civilizations that followed the fortunes of the salt industry, is simply fascinating. Great airplane /holiday book – reads like a fiction novel and it just makes so much sense. The gold nuggets for me were the insights into how govts, families and cartes manipluate these markets and countries. One thing I believe is that cultures and people do not change.

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The Paperback Book. Rick Mercer

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The Paperback Book. Rick Mercer. 2007. ISBN 9780385665193. A collection of Rick Mercer Report Rants.    I think Mercer often  defines us as Canadians (by showing us how much fun the others are having) . Certainly if you lived someplace else, it would be hard to find this so funny.   I could not read this in a hurry as most of this stuff is that  funny.  His satire makes you think , regardless of if you agree with  him or not.  A great book for when you are sitting on the tarmac in Toronto waiting for the de-icing crew to get to your plane,  again. And you have four hours to go before you get to another cold and snowy place, where the streets have still not been plowed or sanded.  Give it to your shut in Mother who has been unable to negotiate the ice covered walks for 10 days – she will thank you for it., while feeling just a little guilty at laughing  at that nice Mr Harper (yet she never trusted that Mulroney fella)

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