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The Power of Why. Amanda Lang.

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Amanda Lang @ CBC

The Power of Why. Amanda Lang. 2012. ISBN 9781443413183.  Being a TV personality does not do a person any favors as the medium lessens the impact of the real person. Witness this book. It is thoughtful, surprisingly delightfully fresh and very well written. Lang also does what Christensen does – she makes notes that are as useful as the text.  This is a serious book that will change the way you think (as David Chilton said) .  All Canadians can learn from this.  For me it was the comment about being a problem finder rather than a solver that opened my eyes. I would advise every leader, educator and parent to buy this book and inculcate its ideas in everyone you come across.  In a field full of books on innovation, this one stands very tall.  Great for a flight from SF to New York.