November 1st 2011

Oh Google Reader – you have really screwed up my day

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Google Reader warned us it was changing and we would loose the shared feed option. No matter, the loss is so much worse than I expected.

No longer:

  • Can I easily find and sent out relevant info daily to my audience on content marketing and sales
  • Can I easily read the items as quickly in Reader.
  • Can i  post “found items on the Web through Reader – keeping track of everything in one place.

Google – you hurt me personally by stopping Google Health – an absolutely elegant idea of health records in the cloud.

But now the loss of reader as a shared item ( forget the use of G+ to replace it – its a different tool)  impacts my publishing.

I spent five hours yesterday trying  to replace the item – and found the solutions inadequate. You have killed my ability to curate on the larger scale.  Damn you!!!!

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