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Influence. The Psychology of Influence. Robert B. Cialdini

Influence. The Psychology of Influence. Robert B. Cialdini. 2007 (revised). ISBN 9780061241895. Someone just replaced my sales six shooter with an AK-47. Wow! This is a very valuable book, not just for sales but for life. He has five main areas on what influences us. I have used them all, but now I really know how to use them: Reciprocation ( I give you a bit to get a lot) , Commitment and consistency (If I get you to state in public what you will do, you will likely do it), Social Proof (If you see others doing it you will too), Liking, (All I need is you to like me and if I provide a good deal, I make a sale), Authority (Nurses could kill you if a Dr says so!), Scarcity ( if I give and then take away an item, you want it more) . His discussions wheel from how to ensure you get help if you are having a heart attack to how to prevent a revolution. Thoughtful, insightful, easy to read and to use. He has reaffirmed my faith in some academics. Buy it! Read it! “Cause if you don’t, when I call, you will buy whatever I am selling, “cause you haven’t got a chance now!