May 11th 2006

Marketing Led Sales Driver. Ajay K Sirsi.

Marketing Led Sales Driven. Ajay K Sirsi. How Successful Businesses Use
the Power of Marketing Plans and Sales Execution to Win in the
Marketplace. 2006. ISBN 141202178. I discovered this book while
researching the question,” What is the effective linkage between
marketing and sales that gives a company the best shot in the market?”
This book’s abstract came up and it was very interesting. The book may
be thin (155pp) and easy to read, but it packs a big wallop.

If you really want to start to improve the effectiveness of your
marketing and sales efforts this is an excellent but terse guide. In
applying similar ideas (plus others) in a recent program
implementation, we were able to increase our cold call prospect to
qualified lead ratio to over 80% in a very short time. These numbers
are unheard of in our space. This has direct impact on sales cycles,
cost of sales and quarterly revenues. One word of advice, this approach
puts big expectations on your marketing person’s capability, but it
works. Only a few marketing types I have met look at the world this way.
Yet they were the incredibly successful ones. Definite addition to your
library, at a shocking price.

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