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My Life as A Quant. Reflections on physics and Finance. Emmanuel Derman.

My Life as A Quant. Reflections on physics and Finance. Emmanuel Derman.
2004. 04713944203.
“Eman” moved from being a practicing physicist (Ph.D.) to being a
financial wizard on Wall Street. If you have ever wondered
how the really serious big money managers reassign their investment
risk, then you will learn lots from this book.
In a very distant past I fancied myself a mathematician, but this book
really pushed my envelope for understanding.
Not the easiest read, as the style is quite choppy.

The First Venture Capitalist. Udayan Gupta

The First Venture Capitalist. Udayan Gupta. 2004. ISBN 1896209939.
The life of Georges Doriot. Leadership, Capital, and Business
“The General” was an unique individual who set an unbelievable standard
as he created the
US, Cdn and European VC markets that we know today. He refused to have
a biography
created while he was alive, so this is a collection of articles and
memories that were amassed after his
death. He drove the Harvard business school curriculum the early days,
organized the US Quartermasters Corp
for WWII and started key VC organizations. He harks from a much more
altruistic era. If you can find it
it is an enlightening read.

Made in America. Sam Walton & John Huey

Made in America. Sam Walton &John Huey.1992. ISBN 038546151. This is a
delightful book. Sam W wrote it as he was dying of cancer as a
leave behind for future Waltons. If some of the so called “Captains of
Industry” that are parading through the courts these days had followed
Waltons ethics shareholders would b a lot better served. Inspirational
and insightful of what drives retailers who do very well. Early on Sam
evidenced a desire to learn everything and he continued to his final
days. He proved that retail is all about the details, but he was also
terrific at hiring top quality people.

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance. Louis. V. Gerstner.

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance. Louis. V. Gerstner. 2003. ISBN
0060523808. (Brining IBM from the brink of bankruptcy to leading the
computer business again) Gerstner worked for McKinsey, AMEX , led RJR
Nabisco ( after Barbarioans at the Gate) and then IBM. Few of us
realized how close IBM came to falling apart in those days. Great story
, well written ( no ghost writing) and lots to learn for all technology
folks. Inspirational and a sound study of leadership. Worth reading a
few times

Inevitable Surprises. Peter Schwartz

Inevitable Surprises. Peter Schwartz. (Thinking ahead in a time of
turbulence). 2003. ISBN 1592400698. Schwartz was the author of The Art
of the Long View, one of my all time favorite startegy scenario books.
This ranks right up there. If you are thinking globally he covers so
many aspects of what could be coming down the pipe. A very good book and
a bookshelf keeper.

Note from Cruising (I was away for three weeks).
I found a workaround to
keep SPAM off my Blackberry. Pull (or push) all your mail through Gmail
and then forward it to the Blackberry. You can also keep all
attachments off the Blackberry if you wish this way by using a Gmail
filter. Out of the box, Gmail grabbed 90% of the SPAM.