June 26th 2011

How to Market to People Not Like You. Know it or blow it rules for reaching diverse customers. Kelly McDonald

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How to Market to People Not Like You.  Know it or blow it rules for reaching diverse customers. Kelly McDonald. 2011. ISBN 9780470879009.  Right out of the gate Kelly makes a statement I really know is true all about the reduced power of demographic marketing.  She goes on:

  • The difference between a 30 yr old unmarried career gal and a 30 yr old suburban mom creates a huge disconnect for traditional marketers.
  • You need to market to peoples’ values. We spend money on things we care about.  (I thought of the 25 yr old single stockbroker, vegan, who jogs and uses an iphone to catch up to his friends on facebook.)
  • You can market to groups  (First time latino home buyers have different needs  from first time caucasian home buyers)
  • People willingly pay a premium for what they truly want.  ( $2500 for a pair of Stanley Cup tickets!)
  • How do you make your customer feel?
  • How do you fit in with their lifestyle? ( I thought of the young couple redoing their kitchen. To go “appliance shopping” requires a babysitter, getting organized and then the store is almost closing when they get there. )

This is a useful book for any marketer looking at diverse markets. She gives enough examples for so many groups that you get the picture immediately. Initially you think this is a B2C focus, but B2B can learn lots too.  After all you are still selling to individual buyers.  Clearly written and insightful. If you market – get this one. Her website.

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