July 2nd 2012

Make the Sale Happen Before Lunch/ The Power of Positive Selling. Stephan Schiffman

A Rolodex file used in the 1970s.

Make the Sale Happen Before Lunch/ The Power of Positive Selling. Stephan Schiffman. 2012.  ISBN 9780071788687 & 9780071788700.  Two books from a prolific writer/sales trainer.  These are both “give em a jolt of reality” type sales books.  They are to be read and reread as a pick up when the sales did not go the way you thought it would. He could be like Jeffrey Gitomer and his help. I liked both these books.

Make the Sale Happen Before Lunch – helps a sales person hone his craft with doing the basics better.  Useful comments for me:

  • Move at least one deal forward each day
  • People live their life two weeks at a time
  • The power of the story
  • The greatest practice  players become the greatest players
  • Know when to move on
  • Find out what makes sense to the buyer
  • No Rolodex is up to date
  • Make 15 cold/prospect calls every  day

He has one of the better sets of tips with leaving voice mail –

The Power of Positive Selling.  If your heads not in it you are not in it.

  • Believe in what you are selling
  • Help the client solve a problem
  • Approach everything with a positive attitude
  • Everyone wants something and everyone wants something different

This book also has some great ideas for follow-up emails.

Both books are worth your reading them. As he says, you should spend  your time 40% prospecting, 20% presenting, 20% on product knowledge  and 15% on professional development.

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