September 3rd 2018

Scot Harvath series . Brad Thor.

Scot Harvath series . Brad Thor.  A 17 novel series about a black ops specialist Scot Harvath.  A bit more extreme then the Vince Flynn series but it is of a type of  rah rah US nationalism, manly servicemen,  Islamic fundamentalist fears and various state sanctioned worldwide conspiracies. The research can be a bit weak if you know the specific subject discussed. The idealism may get a bit in your way, but the action is fast and the books move right along. The later books are less detailed than the first and one could even think that the author reaches a point where he just says , time to wrap up and its over, which can make the ending disjointed.  That said each book is not a bad use of a 4 hour plane ride if wish a bit of escapism. The author is taking a run at Donald Trump in 2020.

August 20th 2018

Peers Inc. How people and platforms are inventing the collaborative economy and reinventing capitalism. Robin Chase


Peers Inc. How people and platforms are inventing the collaborative economy and reinventing capitalism. Robin Chase.  2015, ISBN 9781472233394. The author founded Zipcar and then sold it to Avis. She has become and advocate for the sharing economy.  This book is a very good precis of what is happening, why it should happen and what we need to do to help it.  She talks to economic inequality, the 1% issue, carbon tax necessity, global warming, climate change refugees. Blockchain and so much more.  A very interesting read , still topical and full of opportunities for us to take advantage of.  This is a round trip coast to coast read.  I took so many notes.

July 16th 2018

Mitch Rapp series. Vince Flynn


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Mitch Rapp series. Vince Flynn.  Flynn wrote a lengthy series of books featuring his character Mitch Rapp, who becomes one of the CIA’s ultimate weapons for the war on terrorism.  The books are fast paced, full of detail in and out of the corridors of power.   Flynn is equally harsh on legislatures, politicians, traitors and the  Middle Eastern terrorists.  Not the most politically correct author, yet he retains a belief in the power and competence of US military groups like Delta Force, Seal and Rangers . If you like stories action packed with lots of interesting characters, try this series out.  Flynn died at quite an early age.

July 9th 2018

Account-Based marketing for dummies. Sangram Vajre

Account-Based Marketing for dummies. Sangram Vajre. 2016. ISBN 9781119224853.  I am always surprised how this series of books does the job. Well written clear and concise , it is useful to the  all levels of ABM knowledge as a first read.   IT may downplay how much work this method really is and the importance of the very early work to success later on.  What the author decries today is very true and without a material change of approach by sales and marketing the waste of dollars and effort with continue.  ABM is not new, (I used to call it Key Account Management)  but it  can be very effective with the tools and approaches we know about.


July 2nd 2018

A Practitioner’s Guide to Account Based Marketing. Bev Burgess & Dave Munn

A Practitioner’s Guide to Account Based Marketing. Bev Burgess & Dave Munn.  2017. ISBN 9780749479893.  A very thorough treatment on the topic.  It would be my go to book for anyone wanting a deeper dive.  The numerous case studies  are well written and illustrate the point. Perhaps it is a bit too much on the very large companies as now the tools are available for this methodology to be used effectively by smaller firms.  Supplement this book with the steady stream of blog posts  on the topic and you will be all set. IMHO ABM is the way to go to make best use of your sales and marketing resources.


June 11th 2018

Bossypants. Tina Fey

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Bossypants. Tina Fey 2011. ISBN 9780316175869.  A tongue in cheek, index finger in the air autobiography. Tina Fey is a comedy writer and comedian. This book “takes the mickey out” of just about everything in her life.  It would be  easy and fast to read, except you burst our laughing every page or so which slows you down.  You learn her approach to life , which is not like Sheryl Sandburgh’s.   Well worth the read, if not the cost of the book.

May 28th 2018

The Memoirs of Cleopatra. Margaret George.

Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor) confronts Julius ...

The Memoirs of Cleopatra. Margaret George. 1997. ISBN 978.312187453.  After a very thorough deep dive into history the author penned a fascinating historical novel into Cleopatra. In the authors notes she  points out the facts she turned up and where she had to fill in some gaps with logical extensions.  Even tough you know how the stories of herself, her family, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony turn out the author really engages the reader in the day by day with moving scenes and poetic language.  All in all a well done effort.

May 21st 2018

When. The scientific secrets of perfect timing. Daniel Pink.

When. The scientific secrets of perfect timing. Daniel Pink. 2018. ISBN 9781925498189. A concise but wide ranging book.  The author is applying his guru skills to the impact of time on our lives.   From when to make better analytical decisions ( Most of us in the am) through to test scores, how naps work, and more  Pink does a great job in enlightening us to this topic.  We all have better times to start things, needed times for recess , and expected times that we will slump.  He wraps it up by demonstrating how difficult it is to teach an Ai about time. Good read – useful for a short air flight.

May 13th 2018

The Red Sparrow Trilogy. Jason Matthews

The -foot ( m) diameter granite CIA seal in th...

The Red Sparrow Trilogy. Jason Matthews 2013 – 2018.  Three titles in this;  Red Sparrow, Palace of Treason, and The Kremlin’s Candidate.  The story line follows the background,  recruitment and handling by  CIA operative Nathaniel Nash of Dominique Ergogan through her almost 20 years  in the Russian equivalent of the CIA.   You will never look at Putin’s statements the same way again nor those of his surrounding people. This could completely reset your views to the CIA and Russia etc.  The author and his wife worked for the CIA for many decades in many cities as well as Washington. I suspect that many of the characters in the stories reflect those they saw in real life.   This much rings true. Great tales which move right along.


April 30th 2018

Brave New World Revisited. Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley, Famous Last Words

Aldous Huxley, Famous Last Words (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brave New World Revisited. Aldous Huxley. 1958. ISBN 0795300166. Twenty-seven years after writing Brave New World , Huxley revisited his despairing view of the world trends and found that the downward spiral had accelerated. People were entranced by TV so that “amusing themselves to death” was trivializing history, politics and journalism.  Propaganda was replacing truth and repeating a lie often enough was a set policy. Demagogues and dictatorships were following his cookbook for control. Creation of short sound bites had replaced intelligent discourse.  A president was reduced to a TV personality . The pursuit of recreation had supplanted most of the non working life. The power elites were grabbing more of the wealth and control with the disparity tween top and the  rest widening.  What is telling is this was in 1958 and if he was alive today and saw the state of the US and other large countries he would not be surprised.  A thinking person should be quite taken with his prescience.  Every educated person should read this and Brave New World. An easy read but also disquieting.