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Patriots. A novel of survival in the coming collapse. James Wesley, Rawles.

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Co...

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patriots. A novel of survival in the coming collapse. James Wesley, Rawles. 2009. ISBN 9781569755990.   I picked this up at our local shared library , and it is quite an eye opener. If you ever were curious to peak inside the mind of  the uber right wing US survivalist “group’ this is the intro for you.  Weapon, retreats and self sufficiency are all in here in the form of a fictional account of the US society completely unraveling after a series of catastrophic financial meltdowns.  No power, gas, government, food supply, and roving gangs of brigands who want your stuff.  Throw in the  troops of Europe who come reorganize the country and if that doesn’t make you paranoid what will.   The author is quite the blogger on this topic and if you wanted the detail on weapons, communications, bomb making and guerrilla tactics why they are there too. Sounds like the only safe place is a farm in Idaho with all your teaparty friends.

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Crude Deception. Gordon Zuckerman.

OPEC countries

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Crude Deception. Gordon Zuckerman. 2011. ISBN 9781608321438.  The second in a series ( I have not read the first).  This is a mystery novel placed in the years just at the end of WW II.  Thus you know the end result, so its not much of a mystery!  The journey is more important here than the destination. A group of wealthy individuals are concerned that post war control of the oil industry will be too concentrated in a few oil firms.   The novel has locations in US, Europe and Asia and shows knowledge of the prevailing issues, at least from one point of view. You see the formation of OPEC  and other post war institutions.   I could not get into this book. It seems to refer back to the first novel too much, implying that one was more exciting.  The author has some pretty good basic material to work with and decent character development. I would have liked to see the action spots/cliff hangers to be more descriptive, intense  and emotive. But that is just me.

Oskaloosa Moon. Gary Sutton.

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Oskaloosa Moon. Gary Sutton. 2011. ISBN 9780975962534.  A piece of very disturbing fiction that I read in one sitting. The story of a  intelligent young boy with a disfigured face who received the butt end of bigotry and ignorance in a small town from many folks and the help of a few. He created a life despite this and did not let go his optimistic (and simplistic) view of life through much of it. The writing is clear, compact and compelling. Very enjoyable and human.

Limitless: A Novel. Alan Glynn

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Limitless: A Novel. Alan Glynn. 2011. ISBN 978-0312428877. A thriller that is a now a movie.  Chemical addiction to a “be smarter” drug that has some deadly implications.  I read this on a North – South flight and it held my interest all the way. Good tight gritty writing.  Could be a killer movie if done right.

The Confession. John Grisham.

The Confession: A Novel

The Confession. John Grisham. 2010. ISBN 9780385528047.  What is a holiday break without the latest Grisham novel?  Fast paced story about a  little feisty lawyer vs the big guys.  This may be one of his best.  Perhaps one of the strongest cases against capital punishment you may read.  Despite knowing this was fiction, I found some of the content very distressing. Read it.

private life. Jane Smiley

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private life. Jane Smiley. 2010. ISBN 9781400040605.  A fictional account of marriage in the 1880- 1950s from the point of view of the wife.  The wife, Margaret is a “saint” and the husband “Andrew” is a brilliant fool.  Not my normal cup of tea, but I found my self pulled through the book by the authors clear and thoughtful prose. The author is well known for her Pulitzer prize and this one continues the good work.

Betrayal. of love and freedom. Paul Huljich.

Betrayal. of love and freedom. Paul Huljich. 2010. ISBN 9780615368177.  The story of two men touched by bipolar disorder.  The author has had first hand experience with this and he does a very good job of letting you into the life that a sufferer could lead and how he worked his way out of it.  Although a work f fiction, you do get drawn into the tales and the interweaving of these two men’s lives.  If rips right along and is a good read for an entrepreneur.  Good book for a cruise or longer vacation.

Twisted Webs. Darlene Quinn.

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Twisted Webs. Darlene Quinn. 2010. ISBN 9781934572481.  The second in a series on intrigues in and around the fashion and retail industry by this fiction author. This one is a prequel to the first, Webs of Power.  This is a skilled author who writes a real page turner. The subject is around the kidnapping of a twin baby sister, who remains missing for eight years.  Lots of plot twists and turns to keep the mystery buffs happy.

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Zero History. William Gibson

Cover of "Zero History"
Cover of Zero History

Zero History. William Gibson.  2010 ISBN 9780399156823. Yes, I remain a William Gibson fan.  In his latest we are reintroduced to a few past characters which fellow fans will recognize. Fashion, trends and government contracts are woven into a multi city landscape.  Gibson weaves Twitter into the mix along with all the high tech toys that he finds. The book rocks right along and still has enough twists and turns that you do not know exactly where it will end up.  Get it for Dad for Christmas.

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The Millenium Trilogy. Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
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The Millenium Trilogy. Stieg Larsson. 2008- 2009.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ISBN 9780143170098. The Girl Who Played With Fire. ISBN9780143170105. and The Girl |Who Kicked Over the Hornets Nest. ISBN 9780670069033.  Perhaps its my Swedish heritage (there is even a Nordman character in one of these books) , and my predilection to mystery novels – but I really liked these books. Good thing Canada Day was cloudy – I burnt through these guys over a three day period.  You need to read them in sequence and read all of them- it is a well planned out trilogy.  The most modern heroine, Lisbeth Salander – is the  antithesis of a cuddly girl – which makes for lots of steamy plotlines and twists. The hero Mikael Blomkvist, sleeps his way through his relationships as he plies his unique method of investigative journalism. Most of the locations are in Sweden, and I recognized a few from when I was there. The reflections on Swedish culture – which has been called very liberal are quite interesting. It does make North Americans look quite uptight all the time! Too bad the author passed away after writing these, they do make you want for more.  Each book will keep you going on a four hour plane ride!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (film)
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