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More Sales . Less Time. Surprisingly simple strategies for today’s crazy-busy sellers. Jill Konrath.

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More Sales . Less Time. Surprisingly simple strategies for today’s crazy-busy sellers. Jill Konrath. 2016. ISBN 9781591847267.  The author has penned several highly valuable books on selling and you can count on her to be very current.  In this book she turned attention on the increasingly busy life of effective salesmen. She really looked at her own behavior and decided to work on herself first,how could she do as much or more in less working time? . What followed is a very timely book on how salespeople can not only become more effective using the time they have while enjoying selling even more.  I appreciated the time saving apps she has found as well as the way she rethought how we usually go about doing things. Once again Jill has really done her homework on this topic and created an immediate and long lasting impactful book that is  a delight to read.

Agile Selling . Getting up to speed quickly in todays’ ever-changing sales world. Jill Konrath


Agile Selling . Getting up to speed quickly in today’s’ ever-changing sales world. Jill Konrath. 2014. ISBN 9781591847250. The latest work from Jill Konrath. She has done the sales world another valuable service by offering a great take on today’s selling. She makes strong statements about the buyers of today and why you need to find out about and acknowledge the buyers journey if you want to succeed at sales. The major benefit from this book is her desire to give sales people the tools to be more agile, to  learn more quickly and effectively in order to succeed.  From rookie to serious sales leader, you need to buy and read this book.

Snap Selling. Speed up sales and win new business with today’s frazzled customers. Jill Konrath

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Snap Selling. Speed up sales and win new business with today’s frazzled customers. Jill Konrath. 2010 ISBN 978159184330.  Okay, along with Sales Dirty Secret, this new book by Jill Konrath (Selling to Big Companies) is my top sales book for 2010.  Jill has assimilated the best practices of current practitioner including Sharon Drew Morgen‘s ground breaking insights into what happens when interested and “hot”  clients “disappear” for long periods of time.  Jill’s book has been flagged by more postit notes  more than any book I read this year.  Immediately useful to any working sales person, it is a book that gives you, the sales pro,  a lifetime of application advice. Her discussions as to how frazzled customers are today is bang on.  Lesson learned she advocates that you will need at least 10 contact attempts over six to eight weeks to be noticed. No worry about being a pest since the targets are so busy, they will not notice the frequency of your attempts amongst the fire hose of incoming requests.  Early on she states,  “if you are not helping a customer with a high priority item, nothing is going to happen. How does your offering add value to their business? “.   |Also she states that consultative/solution selling, which I consider to be level four (90s style), is well past its time. You will not have the time in front of clients early on the be “consultative” . Jill is the first current writer to begin to address what I consider level five (Gen five) selling , where the seller needs an integrated sales and marketing effort in order to get noticed, because today’s sales cycle involves so many more skills.  If you think that your sales team needs to “get back to basics” , in order to increase sales, that indicates faulty reasoning on your parts. In our engagements, marketing is takes over  “the basics” freeing the sales team to address today’s harder issues.  Well written, well organized, concise with great examples and suggestion sI recommend every sales person and sales manager read this book this year, well before they miss their quotas.

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Selling to Big Companies. Jill Konrath

Selling to Big Companies. Jill Konrath.2006. ISBN 1419515624. This book
is so good I must share it. The author lost her major client. She had
to completely rebuild the business and in doing so learned much about
getting into the very big companies. This is more than a book, it is a
thorough how to guide from start to finish. She is a good writer so it
is an easy read. She is also blogging steadily with resources on her
website, This is a keeper if you are in
big company sales with the challenge of selling to very busy people.

Edgy Conversations. How ordinary people can achieve outrageous success. Dan Waldschmidt

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Edgy Conversations. How ordinary people can achieve outrageous success.  Dan Waldschmid. 2014. ISBN 9780989533102. I have received a few of these Git up and Go types of books over the years and invariably as an optimist I find lots of value in them.  The book comes with a small workbook and some motivating  book markers. The content hits hard and it makes a whole lot of sense.  You will enjoy his case studies of folks who achieves despite all sorts of obstacles.  I really appreciated the chapter on giving ( The g of edgy) as it is very true and it is not a tit for tat thing. You give because you like giving. Full stop.  There a few pages on what some people achieved at ages 1 through 100. Awesome.

Hire Right, Higher Profit$ The executive’s guide to building a world-class sales force. Lee B. Salz.

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Hire Right, Higher Profit$ The executive’s guide to building a world-class sales force. Lee B. Salz. 2013. ISBN 9781493762620. This concise very readable volume packs in a lot of game changing information on hiring top quality sales people. These is just so much great common sense that I was surprised that someone else had not done this work before.  The ideas and strategies the author puts forth are practical and I know they work.   Why not have marketing help you write your sales ad?  They know  how to attract customers,  a salesman is another type of customer.   I have seen the hiring done very poorly and not often well.   This book will help you immensely in doing the job very well. Every sales manager needs this book on their desk. Once you read it you will keep it close to hand.

Insight Selling. Surprising Research on what sales winners do differently. Mike Schutz & John Doerr


Insight Selling. Surprising Research on what sales winners do differently. Mike Schultz & John Doerr. 2014 . From the experts at RAIN Selling comes a book that is timely, current and essential. It is the result of asking a simple question. “In a world were some sellers are successful and many are not, what do the successful ones do better? ” The genius lay in who the questions were directed to?  Not sellers but the buyers. Not surprisingly, the answers can differ from many of the “sales books” previously written by successful sales people .  This puts  Shultz and Doerr againin the forefront of effective sales thinking and training. Reading this immediately after Jill Konrath‘s “Agile Selling ‘ and Linda Richardson’s “Changing the Sales Conversation” made this a perfect trifecta of innovative sales books.  Its simple – Sales leader sell insight  into the buyers business. The sales conversation and the sales person are often the deal maker , not the product.  Buyers appreciate salespeople who:

  1. Educate me with new ideas and perspectives
  2. Collaborate with me
  3. Persuade me we would achieve results
  4. Listened to me
  5. Understood my needs
  6. Helped me avoid potential pitfalls
  7. Crafted a compelling solution
  8. Depicted purchasing process accurately
  9. Connected with me personally
  10. Overall value from company is superior to other options.

This is a book for sales leaders and high performing sales people to buy read and take to heart.  No pages are wasted so this makes a good coast to coast air flight read

How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett. Tom Searcy and Henry Devries.

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How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett.  Tom Searcy and Henry Devries.2013. ISBN 9780071801652. Tom Searcy is the author of Whale Hunting and RFPs Suck! He is no stranger to hunting the big deals. The book is well written, clear and holds your attention.  You will learn more about Buffett and also about some of the toughest selling tasks ever. The book is useful at two levels. Every salesman , sales manager would benefit from how Searcy lays out “the Hunt”.  A CEO who was not a past hunter would learn the shear amount of work involved and all the ways that the deal can go away that are out of your control.   I liked it.

Winning the Battle For Sales. Lessons on closing every deal from the world’s greatest military victories. John Golden.

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Winning the Battle For Sales. Lessons on closing every deal from the world’s greatest military victories. John Golden.2013. ISBN9780071791991.   From the company that brought you Spin Selling comes a very interesting take on sales lessons. The power of story and metaphor is a known component of successful selling. Here it is used to  wrap good sales advice around the telling of a battle.  The point is clear and more importantly the lesson sticks.  Golden is the CEO of Huthwaite, a company I know is doing interesting things in sales execution. It turns out that the author is quite a  writer as the stories and lessons flow very well. I was surprised how much I enjoyed and appreciated this book.  You will learn a lot.  The advice is very up to date – being based on knowing more about your customer and the buying journey he/she is going through  than your sales process.  A few nuggets about  useful sales pipelines.

  1. It is not the dollar amount in your pipeline that matters – it is the dollars associated with opportunities that are being worked on and are progressing.
  2. It is not the number of opportunities in your pipeline that matters – it is the number of opportunities that have a realistic chance of closing.
  3. It is not how many sales calls your sales salespeople have that matters-it is how many sales calls that end with a customer commitment that moves the opportunity forward.

Sales efficiency is about the tactics/activities that most quickly get you in front of the right buyer. Sales effectiveness is how to maximize results when you are there.  Quite different.

This should be on every sales managers shelf , any sales training organizations library, and in your library if you want to be a top producer.

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. Ardath Albee

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eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. Ardath Albee, 2010. ISBN 9780071628648.  At last, a thoughtful effective marketing book written on how to accelerate sales!  I have waited so many years for a book such as this. ( Recently I was getting resigned to having to write it myself!)   I am adding this book to the must read list for sales people new and old.  She thinks, talks and  writes about things from the buyers perspective. I took forever to read this book, each section was chock full of terrific content and strategies causing me to take copious notes. It just makes so much sense to what we see every day in our practise.   So it you take this book , with Jill  Konrath‘s new one and Sharon Drew Morgen’s work you will have the trifecta of today’s real world sales approaches.  Albee also references Brian Carroll’s great work on lead generation (and you see his sales ready leads comments come through) . Albee’s blogs and sites (more than one) are highly referenced in marketing today.  Anyone who has to sell products and services today must buy this book.