September 28th 2020

Master and Commander series. Patrick O’Brian.

Master and Commander series. Patrick O’Brian.   These books ( 21)  were written from 1969 to 2004.  The author focussed on the topics of Royal Navy sailing man of war during the era of the Napoleonic and US independence wars.    The series follows the career of Jack Aubrey – captain and his friend Stephen Maturin – Physician, naturalist and secret agent.   The details of sailing from England around the world, exploring, fighting and surviving are fascinating.  These sailors were intrepid, rugged and aggressive. One has to admire their abilities to overcome so much.  The author did a lot of research to align this series with real events.  Great tales, intrigues, plots and lots of action, with a major focus on men and their attitudes.  The books in the series are:

Master and Commander (1969)
Post Captain (1972)
HMS Surprise (1973)
The Mauritius Command (1977)
Desolation Island (1978)
The Fortune of War (1979)
The Surgeon’s Mate (1980)
The Ionian Mission (1981)
Treason’s Harbour (1983)
The Far Side of the World (1984)
The Reverse of the Medal (1986)
The Letter of Marque (1988)
The Thirteen-Gun Salute (1989)
The Nutmeg of Consolation (1991)
Clarissa Oakes (1992) – (The Truelove in the US)
The Wine-Dark Sea (1993)
The Commodore (1995)
The Yellow Admiral (1996)
The Hundred Days (1998)
Blue at the Mizzen (1999)
The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey (2004).

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