September 4th 2020

The Robert Hunter series. Chris Carter

The Robert Hunter series. Chris Carter. 2013-2019.  Robert Hunter is the lead detective in the Ultra violent Crimes Homicide Unit in LA police.  The stories involve the sickest of the sick killers.  Hunter  is a genius at solving these things, But make no mistake, non of these stories will feature in a episode of Criminal Minds.   Carter has no delusions about the venality and cruelty of the general public and he exposes it relentlessly.   Despite the vivid portrayals of gruesome subject matter the stories are very fast paced and well constructed.  This makes each novel hard to put down.

I read:

  • The Hunter
  • The Crucifix Killer
  • Executioner
  • The Night Stalker
  • The Death Sculpter
  • One by One
  • An Evil Mind
  • The Caller


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