February 28th 2020

Fall, or, Dodge in Hell. Neil Stephenson.

Fall, or, Dodge in Hell. Neil Stephenson. 2019. ISBN 9780062458735.   A story within a story.  The short story asks and answers what would happen if you just deluged/overwhelmed the Internet with masses of “fake news” with the intent to make readers more discerning.  That one does not end so well as it appears that readers, just did not care enough to separate “truth’ from items that reinforced their prejudices. The US breaks down into “civilized” liberal leaning areas and vast territories ,”Ameristan”,  full of survivalists, gun toting freedom protectors.  The larger story the author pursues is what if we are able to scan a person and upload it successfully to a “cloud ” so their “soul” continues after death?  He carries this thesis through to what would that “cloud’ existence look and feel like. How would this new society evolve in Bitspace?  What happens in and to our “Meatspace?  Lots to chew on in this part in truth Stephenson style.

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