September 9th 2019

Fear. Trump in the White House. Bob Woodward.

Fear. Trump in the White House. Bob Woodward. 2018.  After all the interviews and TV news about this book , I was pleasantly surprised to still find a lot of info that was not made into sound bite fodder. As a journalist the author writes a clear and concise story that pulls you through to the end.   I have always had respect for Woodward’s work, his credentials and impact. Nothing has dissuaded me that that this book is not speaking the truth.  Trump comes off exactly as he is in public, an egotistic lying sociopath,  perfect for today’s politician and in many ways his own worst enemy.  As watchers in Canada we were always concerned from  Day 1 that this administration was not prepared for the job that was taken on and  Trump was way out of his depth. The book does not dissuade you from this.  This book will not bring you peace or comfort, but I still suggest one needs to read it.

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