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Crossing the Chasm. 3rd edition. Geoffrey Moore.

Crossing the Chasm. 3rd edition. Geoffrey Moore.   2014. ISBN 9780062292988.  We read the first edition (1991) when it came out and found it bang on and helpful.  It was time to reread it and the 3rd Edition reflects the work  Moore has done  ( and written about) with high tech companies in the last 25 years.  I was particularly interested in the subtle insights he gives wrto sales and marketing  jobs and personnel while moving along his time line. This reflects what we have learned about the types of people you need during the transition from Innovators/Visionaries ( Chasm)  through to mid majority ( The Tornado).  It is very useful for HR as well.  If you have not read it – and are in any way in a high tech company – do so immediately. If its been awhile since you read it – its well worth the reread. It remains a concise book to company success and although an easy read , it is full of deep insights.