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Sapiens. A brief history of mankind. Yuval Noah Harari

Sapiens. A brief history of mankind. Yuval Noah Harari. 2014. ISBN 978077103850.   If you ever wanted to know why humans behave the way they do. this is the book for you.  It does a very good job of drilling back into our early development ( as  lucky survivor – who ended up at the top of a food chain) and how we still end up repeating our destructive and social ways today. We have been responsible for the destruction of entire species all over the world from very early on and have much to learn from our history.  I was taken with the parallel with our early predilection with gossip and how we still are.  The growth of communities to cities and eventually empires is so fascinating.  I tend to agree that perhaps the foraging communities were “better” fed then the eventual civilized peasants trapped in filthy, disease prone villages with a limited diet.  The extension into what we could become makes for very interesting reading as well.