April 3rd 2017

Discover Questions Get You Connected. Deb Calvert


Discover Questions Get You Connected. Deb Calvert. 2016.   Written for sales professionals it takes little effort to apply this to anywhere you need to ask questions.   For sales it is exemplary, enough that this will become my 2016 Sales book of the year.  The author makes a great case for  asking the right question early enough so the seller can communicate value.

The book has three major sections

  • How questions help us get better connected.
  • The types of questions to use
  • Practice

The author puts the questions in eight groups that you can remember using the word DISCOVER:

  • Data questions
  • Issue questions
  • Solution questions
  • Consequence questions
  • Outcome questions
  • Value questions
  • Example questions
  • Rationale questions

She works hard to put the materials into context with good examples of situations that any salesperson will recognize.

The book for all sales reps and managers to have right on their  desk to read and reread and apply every day.

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