December 19th 2016

30-Second Quantum Theory. The 50 most important thought provoking quantum concepts. Brian Clegg ed.

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30-Second Quantum Theory. The 50 most  important thought provoking quantum concepts. Brian Clegg ed.2014. ISBN 9781552679050. I was lent this by a friend, Brian,  and  I am so glad he did. It takes the Brits to be able to clearly write about what could be a complex subject(s).   I tried reading it each evening, with some success  but found that it truly hung together if I just sat down one Saturday and read it front to back.  My engineering school  during the late ’60s and early 70s gave me  an “education” on these topics, but I did not really “learn it” .  The strength of this book is to give you just enough glossary to understand a section (There are 7 sections) . to lay out each building block of theory in a section and if there is areal world example – quickly show you.  The final sections really flow as more and more applications come forward.  These reinforce what up to then seemed just theories into real products we use every day.  As an aside The Nazi persecution of Jewish scientists worked to their fleeing to the US , which gave their physics program such a boost.  But, the xenophobia of the MacCarthy era in the US drove much of the talent elsewhere away from the US.   Its a lesson we should learn from.

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