August 22nd 2016

Customer Moat. Unveiling the secrets of business strategy. Eddie Sung. A guest post

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Customer moat. Unveiling the secrets of business strategy. Eddie Sung. 2016 ISBN 9780996919012.

A guest post by Brock Nordman (Sales Rep, my youngest son) 

This book was great
He started out rather bluntly:
Business: incredibly complex game that not only was poorly understood but held such vast implications for the health of our society.
All the books he would read would gave him bits of information, but in the end still left without a clear answer.
The use of customer moat builder is a mental and visual tool to see what is it you are trying to create. Great for me as my background is building. By looking at the business from a customer perspective, you are able to see which areas what you are doing and if you can change/alter.
“The purpose for a business is to defend its source of prosperity by defending its customers. The customer moat allows businesses to defend their income”
As you go along in the book, Eddie Sung continues to tie back relevant information to case studies which were introduced through the book. This helps to solidify his reasoning for his core principles and 8 moat builder tools. The second attribute was showing you real world applications and confirms in the readers mind “yes, that makes sense, I can see that, I trust what he is saying”
Like any business book, the answers aren’t inside the book, that doesn’t exist.  What is inside are the tools to help you develop your business to best suit your customers. Starting with your customer core then looking where you stand in the market and visual ways to see how you are providing service in your customer life. Visual tools in this book make it easy to understand and could be easily shown in a company training/meeting, which is fundamental for company by-in.
As he quotes from Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) “There is only one boss. The Customer. And he can fire everybody in the firm from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”
Reg’s notes:
The author packs a lot into one place.  A good book if you had note heard of some of or any of this material before.  I would not have organized the material in quite the way the author does, however it fits well with his original thesis.  This also fits in with the view point of a younger person who also still realizes the need for and value in hard work every day.  The author gives good lessons without feeling the need to  moralize.

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