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A Guide to the Good Life. The ancient art of Stoic joy. William B. Irvine.

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A Guide to the Good Life.  The ancient art of Stoic joy. William B. Irvine. 2009.  ISBN 9780195374612.   Tim Ferriss often talks about the Stoics and how it has given him a different view on life.  Irvine, a college philosophy instructor believes that one needs a philosophy of life to thread your way through our changing world.   He picked Stoicism and in this book,   goes through various other Greek  & Roman based philosophy.  Then he leads you through the most well known Stoics such as Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and others.   His choices are based on there still being records of their writings and stories for you to read.  For me this was an interesting area to learn about.   I kept hearing the words of my Father in the life lessons of the Stoics.  Not surprising as my Northern Scandinavian roots are bound up in working on what you can change or affect and not being too upset over things that you have little to no control over.  If this topic is interesting to you, this book is a good start.  Clearly written it can speak directly to you.  Stoic joy is achieving tranquility and we could all use some of that.