February 1st 2016

The Great Traits of Champions. Fundamentals for Achievers, Leaders and Legacy Leavers. Mark Tewksbury & Debbie Muir

Matina Narvratilova and Mark Tewksbury read th...

The Great Traits of Champions.  Fundamentals for Achievers, Leaders and Legacy Leavers. Mark Tewksbury  ( Olympic Gold medal swimmer)& Debbie Muir  ( Winning-est Olympic coach) .  2012. ISBN 139780980908312.  I recently met Mark and Debbie in our Calgary GotoMarket program. They are working toward adding to their large audience, corporate events training  an Internet version. They live the life promoted in this book and I was intrigued to read it.  It is more than I had hoped.  I have read numerous self-help books and they usually start well  and then quickly become boring and tedious.  This book drew me in quick;y and I lost the whole weekend reading and rereading the sections.   They made a brilliant choice in aligning this book with what they were doing on each topic while building Mark into a Gold medal swimmer at the Olympics. You quickly look forward to each section to see where they were on the journey and how it worked for Mark and other athletes and teams.  Their personality and humanity shines out of the book and I await their online version.   Sales leaders are recognizing the importance of coaching in building their teams an I recommend this book to them.

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