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C.J Sansom Books

Revelation (Sansom novel)

Dark Fire (Sansom novel)

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C.J Sansom Books

A prolific historical fiction writer I recently discovered.  C.J. Sansom has 6 titles detailing the Henry VIII period, The Matthiew Shardlake  series, (Dissolution, Dark Fire, Sovereign, Revelation, Heartstone, Lamentation).  One on the Spanish Civil War  (Winter in Madrid)  and one based on what would have happened if Britain had made a peace treaty with Germany in 1940 ( Dominion) .  I like his ability to drop you quickly into what it is like to live in this times, the sights, smells, daily activities and attitudes.  The writing is an easy style that keeps you very interested in the stories progress.   At the end is a fascinating history lesson/commentary from the author which is as good as the book.  Well worth it.

Cover of "Revelation"

Cover of "Winter in Madrid"