September 7th 2015

Sales Process Excellence. Michael J. Webb

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Sales Process Excellence. Michael J. Webb. 2014. ISBN 9780977107223.  Michael sent me this book to review almost a year ago. I let it sit on my review shelf for far too long.  Our firm has used Six Sigma Sales and Marketing as a guidebook since it first appeared in 2006. That book not only impacted how we looked at sales and marketing but what we counselled clients to do.  This has contributed to many successful projects over the years.

This book is even  better than the first. It is long overdue for sales and marketing  to be looked at and improved through a process view.  Taking from the work of  Deming, TQS, Lean and many years of applied experience, the author has built a fully functional analysis model to improve the sales, marketing and service components of your business in bringing increased value to the customer.  This material is as modern as you are going to get in the sales and marketing field.   There are many other great sales and marketing books out there, but they all seem to address just part of the process. This book will drive your company to take the waste out of your Sales and Marketing and drive customer value.  Its a must have for business leaders who  want to really succeed and grow.  To buy it go direct to

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