March 30th 2015

Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead. Neil Strauss

English: Neil Strauss speaking in January 2009.

Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead. Neil Strauss. 2011 ISBN 9780061543678.  I admit that a huge hole in my upbringing is no knowledge of current or past pop cultures/music performers. I had zero interest in the lives and antics of singers and actors, but I listen to music and watch performances oblivious of who was performing.   Strauss  wrote for the New York Times, Rollin Stones  and more for years on all these folks and more. He has pulled out from his archives snippets of interviews that show the best and worst of these people as people, living and dead.   I found it a trudging read due to my non interest, but if you have any interest at all you will likely find these insights fascinating

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