February 16th 2015

Duct Tape Selling. Think like a marketer- Sell like a superstar. John Jantsch

English: John Jantsch

Duct Tape Selling. Think like a marketeer- Sell like a superstar.  John Jantsch. 2014. ISBN 97811591846338.  I have been a fan of John’s work since Duct Tape Marketing first came to market. Now John has built up a substantial sales and marketing consultancy based on his work helping companies build up their programs. John is a customer oriented marketeer/writer and his material reflects this new reality for  sales and marketing.  Much of what we find/use in our practise aligns with John’s point of view.  His sales and marketing hourglasses approach is invaluable.  This is a must have book for the 20% of the salespeople/sales managers who want to grab 80% of the market.  It is not an easy task, what you learn in this book is so valuable that I say just get over it and get to work.   Kudos to John for making this book a thorough, well researched yet easy read.  I suggest this book for a 4 hr round trip air flight.

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