October 24th 2014

The Great War for Civilization. The Conquest of the Middle East. Robert Fisk.

The Great War for Civilization. The Conquest of the Middle East. Robert Fisk.2006. ISBN 9781841150086. Although this book ends shortly after the capture of  Saddam and the subsequent nightmare of an occupational war for the US in Iraq,   the present horrific causalities of Palestinians in Gaza fits exactly with what Fisk predicted for the Middle East.   This tome is a detailed description of what Fisk has observed with over 30 years of reporting for the Independent in the Middle East. He has the ability to report unvarnished observations of what goes on in these wars. He has no time for the “spun” stories and media managed material that both sides put forward. He tells you what he sees.   Thus he is not the friend of the US, UK, Israel and the various trumped up despots that the West has supported in the Middle East since WW I .  He is the describer and friend of the villagers, civilians and non combatants who find themselves in the hospitals, morgues, mass graves where ever these combats/power struggles play out.   I was not surprised to see him sometimes labelled as an anti Zionist.  Since he raises the question, if 10 Israeli’s are killed it is  a massacre, but if 40 Palestinians die it is a tragedy.  He asks who decides the difference in the wording? Through eye witness reports by himself and other journalists you see how war is portrayed by the the West to fulfill its own sense of right.  Insightful and shocking you will never look at the news the same way. I began to agree that the Israelis are colonizing Gaza in direct violation of UN resolutions since 1967.


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