October 17th 2014

The One Week Marketing Plan.The set It & Forget It Approach For Quickly Growing Your Business. Mark Satterfield

Marketing Plan/Timeline

The One Week Marketing Plan. The  Set It & Forget It Approach For Quickly Growing Your Business.  Mark Satterfield. 2014. ISBN 9781939529787.  The book is exactly as the title says.  This is a very updated compilation of successful direct marketing approaches that are tested and effective in the world of content marketing.  It can be just this simple ,especially for a start- up that sees so much that needs to be done. By following this book you will have a rudimentary program up and running that will give you feedback on much of your marketing content.   Now its never this easy, as many of us are incapable of creating the type of effective copy needed for this to really work. But by following these ideas you will have much better idea of what will work and an appreciation of those who can write compelling copy.  Easy to read and very well laid out. So its a good resource.

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