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Total Recall. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Peter Petre.

English: Arnold Schwarzenegger in July 2003

Total Recall. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Peter Petre.2012. ISBN 9781451662436. I have  admired Arnold for how he trained and drove himself to be the holder of more titles than anyone in bodybuilding by having a strong goal directed life.  This story talks on his whole life – how the goal to go to America came early , the journey to be a leading man in moves and then governor of California, the work involved, his family, marriage/divorce and his plans for the future.  The press too often gives a shallow view of public figures, this book gives you the depth needed to what is obviously a very driven, hard worker.  I am giving this book to all my sons as an example of what anyone can do in their life.  I liked the pace and writing style- it flowed well and seemed an extremely balanced view, all things considered.  It all comes down to reps or mileage.  Just  do it.