June 20th 2014

When Buyers Say No. Essential Strategies for Keeping a Sale Moving Forward Tom Hopkins & Ben Katt.


When Buyers Say No. Essential Strategies for Keeping a Sale Moving Forward  Tom Hopkins & Ben Katt.2014. ISBN 9781455550593.  The authors are very seasoned sales trainers and it shows in the text.  The first chapter sets quite a task ahead in meeting the buyer who says no.  The next nine chapters provide a good review of  decent sales tactics which should almost eliminate the no. At Chapter 11 and on they get back to addressing the client who says no and provide real and useful tactics to meet all the questions you get at this stage and at  closing and the inevitable negotiations.  Decent notes on value as well . Any salesman can see themselves in these situations and will learn something from it.
The big takeaway for me with this book is that it equips buyers with key tactics to improve their sales success rate at a really critical point of the sale. This helps with building up their optimism to making each sale , one of the three attributes  of sales success (along with competitiveness and need for achievement) which all together some call drive. Having these tactics brings more control back to the salesperson which is also really important to sales persons self worth. As a sales tactics book it is as good as many that are out there.

Where it falls down is the lack of acknowledgement of the buyers process today and how sales can reduce the no’s by eliminating many more client issues before getting into  all the detail.  I see the use of this book with the weak middle of your sales team who just will not adapt to more modern methods or can not.

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