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The Best Laid Plans & The High Road. Terry Fallis.

Cover of "The Best Laid Plans"

Cover of The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans & The High Road. Terry Fallis. 2008. 2010.  These  two books are hilarious ( and satirical).  The author takes on a two volume story of how an eloquent, articulate, inelegant engineering professor finds himself an unlikely MP candidate in a riding that he has no chance of winning.  His co star in this drama is a, jaundiced for his years, political speech  writing Ph.D. in English.  In the style of Jonathan Swift the author carves just north of a ludicrous path through the corridors of almost power in the House of Commons. His insights cut very close to exposing the bone of seedy and parochial displays in the House and how ideals could fall to the pursuit of re-election.   The present CBC comedy series on The Best Laid Plans adheres somewhat to the book , but does sway into a bit more melodrama than that book. In my mind the book is quite good enough without a TV producer “juicing” it up.