March 3rd 2014

Sales Management. Robert J. Calvin.

Hospitality Sales & Management International

Sales Management. Robert J. Calvin.  2004, ISBN 0071435352.  One of  the best thought out sales management books I have read.  You would think that being 10 years old that the topics would be long in the tooth and the chapters on technology and Sales Force Automation  could use an update.  That said the author sticks so close to the basics that work that this book will endure for quite some time. If you are new to sales management, aspire to management , or expect to supervise sales managers this is terrific book for you.    The book is based on two very valuable truths.

  1. Structure follows strategy
  2. Tactics reflect strategy.

Many sales people and trainers come at this topic without addressing company strategy first.I really agree with the author that a weak sales force reflects a weak company management. If you are thoughtful in reading this book,  you will prevent yourself from falling into weak management decisions.   If you are in senior management this is a reference book for you. ( But it is a very entertaining read as well ).


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