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For the Love of Physics. Walter Lewin.

A 2003 photo of Lewin

A 2003 photo of Lewin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the Love of Physics. Walter Lewin. 2010. ISBN 9781430108277. Made famous on Youtube for his dramatic physics lectures at MIT, Lewin has written this book on physics – for everyman.  Its a fascinating world as Lewin takes you through it. His demos are listed and you can see them all on YouTube.  He is also a first rate researcher on Astrophysics and for me his chapters on X-rays, stars, black holes and so on were fascinating. He also does his best explaining the nano world of atoms including his thoughts on string theory.  A side chapter on art is also a treat as he explains the role of artists teaching us to see differently.  A fun and educational read – even if you know nothing about math and physics.