November 18th 2013

Turkey Trip of a lIfetime . The Food. 5 of 8

The food.
Everything you like about the Mediterranean and then some. Since they sell to the EU there are no Frankenfoods, all local and organic. Boy can the Turks do breakfast.  Don’t look for pork, but everything else.

I fell prey to the best yoghurt ever (They do not do low fat) , sometimes eight types with fresh fruit added available. I settled on  big spoonfuls of plain yoghurt, with a ladling  of grape molasses (think dark maple syrup, but not as sweet) to which I added scoops of beyond amazing Turkish apricot, nuts , raisins , figs, persimmon. So good I would opt for seconds. Then a nice omelet, incredible Turkish breads. Finishing with a slice of fresh dripping honeycomb. For a change of pace there were always two soups at every meal – and they do a mean soup.  Lunch and dinner we would have lamb or fish with fresh vegs, sides of bulgar ( seemed better than we get a home), great breads with preserves, a selection (like six or more types of olives and fresh cheeses) and tables groaning with every imaginable salad.  The local beer EFS is lite and dark , and it goes down really well.  Always have a semisweet turkish coffee and lots of strong tea breaks during the  day.

Juicing is pretty big so we would see pitchers of fresh cucumber/carrot, or beet/celery. or tomato available. There are also vendors who fresh press pomegranate juice everywhere and it is really good. A few of our group had gluten allergies etc. They found their symptoms subsiding within days and they started to eat the local breads and drink the beer , with no bad effects.

Yah, I added 8 lbs in 11 days.  But you could easily be a vegetarian and really enjoy it. But do not go there expecting to lose weight, despite all the walking.

Near Ephesus ( Sirince)   we had an amazing lunch at Bizim Ev. The chef is Hatice Mercan.  We bought her book!

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