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Too much Happiness. Alice Munro.

Cover of "Too Much Happiness"

Cover of Too Much Happiness

Too much Happiness. Alice Munro. 2009. ISBN 9780307273239. In respect of our newest Nobel prize winner I decided I  needed to read at least one of her books. The title called out to me.  I guess I was looking for a happy book.  From the first short story on, you quickly find out that it is not happiness but something dark that lurks in every tale.  I listened to a Peter Gzowski interview with her on CBC radio and found the author to be a perfectly delightful humble Canadian. Despite my illogical antipathy to short stories ( if this was so good , why not make a real story out of it), I have to say I read this book with relish, being able to put my latent misogyny well away, replacing it with a delight in skillful prose.