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The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing. Robert J.Hamper

The July 24, 2006 issue of Fortune, featuring ...

The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing. Robert J.Hamper. 2014. ISBN 9780071809092. The author really knows this stuff.  It is truly “real world methods for developing successful long-term marketing plans”. This type of analysis is rarely found among the fast growth companies that we work with. Part of our efforts is to introduce the  type of thinking found in this book.  So although the focus of the book is to Fortune 500, make no mistake that any product company wishing to succeed needs to learn how to do this type of strategic market planning.   The  case study at the end of each chapter is very valuable.  The thorough treatment right up to implementation strategies speaks to the completeness of this work.  Yet the book remains quite readable. Too bad RIM never looked at the world this way.